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National Institute on Drug Abuse

Does Your Friend or Family Member Need a Drug Treatment Program?

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Most people with a drug addiction do realize they have an addiction. However, many of these people believe they can overcome the problem themselves and that they do not need help. Deciding to enter a drug treatment program can be the hardest decision they will have to face in their lives.

It is important to note warning signs of a person you are close to know if they are in need of a drug treatment program. If the person has lost jobs over this addiction, has stolen money to buy drugs, or has shown irrational behavior while under the influence they may be in need of help. Some addicts remain relatively normal while under the influence as a way to try and dissuade you from believing they have a problem. While others may act completely out of character and do things they never would have done while sober.

If you believe you have a friend or family member that needs help, you should approach the situation cautiously. Most addicts will feel ambushed or betrayed when confronted about their addiction. They may act out angrily or they will try to dismiss it, as if they don’t have a drug problem. Trying to talk to them alone may be the best approach. It can give you time to sit and really try to have a calm conversation with them. If after the talk they still feel they do not need treatment, you may have to take it to another level. Consulting a professional interventionist can be helpful. They will help the person with the addiction face that addiction and hopefully enter a treatment program.

Whatever happens, one must remember that an addict will not get help until they feel fully ready too. An intervention can help them see that people care for them and want to help them; however, they must truly want to help themselves first.

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