The Subconcious Need For Social Interaction

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We all realize the need for social interaction. Be it friends, family or a person you love. It has been the reason for the survival of the human race so far. If we would have been solitary animals, then we would certainly have gone extinct by now, it is only our social nature that we have survived. The social structure required humans to be more productive and share their experiences and knowledge with other human being. It is the way we are wired.

A recent research on babies has further enhanced this perception of the human nature. The research focused on an developing embryo inside the womb. Not just any embryo, but embryo’s of twins. The twins inside their mother womb start interacting just months after their conception. This gives further proof that the need for social interaction is embedded deep into the human consciousness. Scientist trying to discover this need to be social attitude among humans have tried many experiments, all of which gave a proof to the deep seated social needs of humans. The case of twins is special where this interaction begins before even opening their eyes to the real world and understanding what humans and interaction mean or just realizing what they are. This research was conducted by using ultra sound to capture 3D pictures of the embryos. The pictures were taken every 14 to 18 weeks. The research showed surprising results where the twin begin reaching out to each other at the beginning of the 14th week. The twins touch one another more than touching them selves. This contact is more than just accidental but a controlled reach out of the muscles. This clears the doubt among people and psychologists that socialism is born with increasing contact with humans after birth, rather than that the human brain is hard wired to be social.

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